Monday, June 21, 2004

A Tribute to My Dad

I understand that writers for the card markets must strive to produce sentiments with general, widespread appeal. So the card I bought my dad said some true things, something about him being thoughtful and giving. It was a pretty card, and even though he turned it over immediately to check the price, I know he appreciated it. But the words weren't really my words, from my heart, written just for my dad. So on the eve before Father's Day, I began to pen some thoughts especially for my dad.

MY dad. I could fill a book with all the memories we share and all the reasons why I love him. But Michael Reagan expressed at his dad's interment service what I feel today. He said the greatest gift his dad gave him was the assurance they'd meet again in heaven someday. Almost ten years ago, my dad gave me that same gift when he put his trust in Christ as Savior. I was reminded of that blessing bestowed upon the both of us as I heard my dad volunteer to read the scripture in Sunday School class today. A few tears crept into the corner of my eye and a familiar lump came to my throat as I thanked my heavenly Father once again for this greatest of all blessings.

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James said...

Diane, Thank you for commenting on my site. I have taken some time and read through many of your post and must say I agree with your thinking. What a true blessing to know your earthly father is able to share in eternal life with you, God is so gracious to us.
On one of your post you said how you thought that some believed Heaven would be nothing more than Our vindication, that all of Our thoughts about God would be proved right. (I am sorry about the summary... you said it much better.) In the end it is not what we think of God that is important, it is what God thinks of us. What a priveledge to know we are accepted becuase of Him and that in the end it is all about Him. Thank you and God Bless you! Shalom