Saturday, June 05, 2004

A Day of Great Loss

To my chagrin today, Smarty Jones, the favorite to win the Triple Crown, lost his bid at the Belmont Stakes. I usually joke that I'm bad luck and my pics never win. Ashamedly, I was quite put out.

But the greater loss today was the passing of dear Ronald Reagan. After ten years, he finally succumbed to the Alzheimers that piece by piece was taking him from us. I still remember the day during cheerleading practice when we heard of his attempted assassination.

Dear Ronald Reagan. From famous actor to beloved president, he had the hearts of many in his hands. I can't help the feeling of pride for my country that swells within me whenever I see his picture.

Now he is free. Free from pain and the disease that destroyed him, and safe at home with the Lord he loved.

Thanks, Mr. President. You'll always be president in my heart.

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