Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Here a Penny, There a Penny

I"m always finding money. Sometimes its a $20 bill in the pocket of the jeans I packed away at the end of last summer. Other times I'll find a buck or two in an old purse I haven't used for months. And then there's always the change in my husband's pockets that ends up in the laundry. More often than not though, my monetary finds are just pennies I come across while walking through a parking lot. Some would laugh at me but I always pick them up. Money is money, no matter the denomination.

Would to God I had that same approach to His word. Sometimes I'm on the lookout for that big smacks-me-between-the eyes truth, and I skip over the "little" exhortations. I'm looking for that big beam of light cast out from the lighthouse, when right in front of me is just enough light on the path illuminating my next step.


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