Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Note to Self: Circle Back

I need to remind myself when I'm writing to circle back and close the loop. Conclusions are, admittedly, my weak point, especially with non-fiction. Sometimes I leave myself hanging; I pity my poor (potential) readers! It's merely a lack of discipline on my part, a failure to take my thoughts to completion. Hmm, maybe it's a habit carried over from my daily life; the laundry basket of clothes waiting to be folded can attest to that!

I find blogging to be conducive to this tendency. It's easy to hop on here and scribble out a few random thoughts but I really must strive to connect the dots and "finish the task." I have for my example Jesus Christ, who finished what he came to do, the redemption of man. This will be my prayer in the days ahead: Lord, help me to finish what I start.

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