Thursday, June 17, 2004

So In the End, Who Wins?

When I read various threads on Christian forums representing differing opinions, I can't help wondering if people are somehow expecting to hear God say in heaven, "You were right." I think some people believe heaven will be the ultimate vindication for everything they strove for here on earth.

I don't think that will be the scene at all. For one thing, I believe we will be so in awe of being face to face with our awesome God, the petty squabbles we had here on earth will be far removed from our minds. But in a greater sense, I know that heaven will not be about who was right on earth. The rejoicing will be all in the victory won by the Son, the final destruction of Satan and his dominion and the banishing of sin for all eternity.

So wouldn't our time here on earth be so much better spent in propagation of that ultimate victory, and lifting up the God whom we will forever give all praise and glory?

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Cheryl Wright said...


I share your thoughts on this. Whenever someone broaches a topic and proceeds to pontificate and condemn others, using semantics to propagate mere speculation on the Word of God, and why this or that happened and what will happen, I stop them and ask questions like the following:

What does the Bible say on this issue? Is it necessary for salvation? What are God's directives for living a Christian life, a holy life? Will knowing this help and advance my following in Christ's steps? Will it count towards our standing on judgment day?

More often than not, the Bible gives no definitive word on the issue so clearly, God chose not to reveal it to us. And our responsibility in that case is to take His word and its precepts and simply apply it to our lives to push us on to more holy living and to glorify God.

I think that it is man's own sinful need to be like God, know more than God and more accurately to be God that prompts him (mankind) to engage in the such discussions and speculations.

It always seems to me that in the end they want to impress others, not glorify God.

The Christian life and the Kingdom of heaven are far more important and serious than this.

There is work to do here. There are souls to share the gospel with. There are people within and without the church to pray for, encourage and help. There are mounting troubles in the world to bring before our Heavenly Father.

Jesus was not a contender seeking out debaters to haggle over what His Father said or didn't say. If people accosted Him with "religious ranglings" He took them to task but with the Word of His father. "What do the prophets (men inspired by God to speak His truth, the only truth) say?" was His usual reply.

I don't entertain lengthy discussions on this view either. I ask them short questions and they always have to affirm that the Christian life and Heaven are more than and far above their pet issues and arguments. And I move on to talk of something else or excuse myself from their presence.

Thanks for inspiring me to share my thoughts.