Monday, June 28, 2004

That Bushel Thing

So I'm trying to decide how to spend this coming Friday. I love it when I'm off and Mike has to work. That sounds mean but the honest truth is I get so much done on those days. And usually it's something that benefits Mike. Anyhow, I'm wavering between hiring a couple kids to help me clean the garage or ask my dad to come help me paint the hallway going to the gameroom. Both need done and neither are jobs I'm up to tackling myself.

I have pretty much decided to go with the garage thing at this point. Last night I was thinking about calling a friend from church and seeing if her two young teens might like to make a few bucks. For some reason though, the face of the teen girl across the street popped into my mind. "But Lord, I don't know her." It occurred to me how many occasions I pass up simply because my tendency is to look within the church family for all my needs, instead of looking outside the body of Christ for opportunities. It's that bushel thing.

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