Friday, June 11, 2004

Then the Bells Rang

I caught as much of the Reagan funeral as I could on the radio this morning. I'll watch it more on tape later. I'm usually not one to watch these broadcast events but this one has held me captive since I heard of his death on Saturday.

So many thoughts tumbled over each other in my mind as I listened to the service. Irish myself, I especially enjoyed the solos by Ronan Tynan of the Irish Tenors. Ronald Reagan was just a WYSIWYG type of guy - he was what he was. No need for posturing or putting on airs. He was a man who genuinely cared about his fellow man and was not afraid to pursue what he believed to be right. What an example for us all. I remember his first term especially well, thanks mostly to Mr. Collins' history and Economics classes in high school, when my eyes were opened to the realm of politics and my role as a citizen. I'll definitely be checking out a few books on his life and administration in the weeks to come.

I'm so glad he is free now, and with the Lord he loved.

Some thoughts on writing

It was nice to see a few new faces at CWG last night. I find it fascinating that we can come together to share our journey down a common path, yet each of our journeys are singularly unique and a reflection of ourselves. Reminds me of Psalm 139 which we memorized with the girls in Pioneer Clubs this year. We are all created in the image of God, but no two of us are alike. Anyways I do look forward to sharing with this group and gaining confidence in my own writing as I learn and share with others. Another part of the path is beginning to open up for me.

That said, I must get back on track with my writing efforts. I can make all the excuses I want, or I can just write. It's really up to me! I need to refocus my goals and get busy, even if it's not as much as I can do when fall rolls around.

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