Friday, June 18, 2004

Another Beheading

I'm no political analyst but am shocked and disgusted by the beheading of Paul Johnson by Al Quaida in Saudi Arabia. I can't imaging seeing pictures of my dad like that, or even just knowing something like that happened to him. How absolutely heartbreaking. And yet many Americans will continue to deny the evil attacks being waged against our country, choosing instead to point fingers within our own borders at the "evil" ones who denounce practices like gay marriage and abortion. Romans chapter 1 is being enacted right before our eyes but even Christians refuse to see it. Most Christians, I fear, myself included, have fallen into the trap of only being concerned about things that directly affect us today. I don't have teen girls and was never a teen mother, so abortion doesn't affect me. I'm happily married, so the threat of gay marriage doesn't affect me. We need to regain a clear vision of right and wrong, and start living and acting on principle. That's what the founders of this country did and what makes it great.

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