Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Essence of Mystery

Hmm, as usual, by the time I get around to jotting down my thoughts for the day, they have managed to elude my feeble mind.

The more I learn of God and His sovereignty, the more ashamed I am of my feeble attempts to do anything for Him in my power. And the more I realize what an affront it must be to Almighty God when his children, for whom he gave the life of his own Son, doubt his sovereign power.

In a recent webblog entry, Mark Bertrand ( wrote of mystery, the vital element. How true this is, for if man could truly understand all there is to know about God, if we had a God we could fully comprehend with our own intellect, He just wouldn't be God. Mystery is truly the essence that holds it all together. Rather than fight that mystery, and struggle to bring it into subjection to our understanding, we are to "walk by faith" and marvel in the God we serve, whom we can trust completely but never fully fathom all the wonders of His being.

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Cheryl Wright said...

Amen Dianne.

Amen Mark Bertrand.

It is humbling and wonderful to think on the mystery of creation, life and the hereafter. All that God says that He, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is, as simple as it may appear at first is a divine mystery to behold with wonder and praise.