Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Circle of Life

I imagine that pioneering Americans making the greak trek westward looked forward to evenings around the campfire. Once their wagons were circled, their evenings were spent tending the sick, preparing food, and planning for the next day, snatching moments of relaxation when they could. Foremost in their minds was survival; surviving the nights with lookouts posted to defend against Indian attacks, surviving the trip without succumbing to disease or the elements. Their ultimate goal - settling down in a new home in a new territory and a return to life as they knew it, with opportunities to improve their lives. Every generation since has made an intimate friend of progress, until today we are consumed with pursuit of convenience.

These thoughts occurred to me this evening as I sat with my family around a bonfire in our backyard. The evening air was chilly and the fire was cozy and relaxing. With every possible modern convenience available to us - electricity for evening lighting, warm homes, and every kind of prepared food you can imagine - we had chosen instead to return to the outdoors and enjoy each other's company in simplicity. There we were, roasting marshmallows and drawing nearer to the fire to keep warm. We've come full circle.

In a larger sense, I believe the world will eventually come full circle as a society, until one day, every knee will bow and recognize God as Almighty.

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