Monday, June 21, 2004

3 Writing Wishes

Today's blog entry is taken from a Writer's Digest writing prompt: If you were granted 3 writing-related wishes, what would they be?

How fun. Three writing wishes have been granted me. So my first wish would be for direction. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a journey but I keep switching from one mode of transport to another; I really have no clue what I'd like to write. The bit of fiction I've toyed with has been fun, but I don't have enough driving purpose right now to pursue it seriously. Non-fiction comes more easily but a "have-to" feeling hovers over my shoulders when I work on a non-fiction piece. I have to find a market for this; I have to query an editor. It's just that I have so many "have-to's" during the work week, such a feeling takes all the enjoyment out of my writing. So direction would be my first wish.

Second, since these are wishes and wishes are free from the encumbrances of reality, I'd wish for a week of my gram's time. I'd love to sit and talk with her again, and I'd be sure to ask more questions and pay closer attention to her stories. Why would I not wish for a month, a year or even a return to life? Well, I'm a pretty realistic person, even when wishing. But even if wishes could come true, I know she's happier now in heaven and I wouldn't take that from her. No, just a week would be great!

My last wish? A simple, most feasible one. I wish my hands didn't hurt me so much. If they didn't, I'd probably take the time and think of something better for my third wish. As it is, this is all I can muster for tonight.

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