Thursday, June 10, 2004

Proud to be an American

Yes, I'm proud to be an American. Those feelings of pride swelled again this week as clips of Ronald Reagan flooded the networks. I don't recall the shame of the Vietnam era that put our country's pride in such a slump, but I do remember feeling secure and grateful for a leader like Reagan who upheld American ideals to our nation and the world.

On the other hand though, is it possible our national pride has resulted in the moral decline we see today? Has our pride blinded us to the fact that all we have and all we are is from Almighty God? Except for 9-11, when as a nation we cried out before God, it seems we have forgotten God in our quest to be a great nation. One by one, we must all come back to the place in our hearts, on our knees before God, recognizing His great hand in our nation's preservation and prosperity. And one by one, we all will. It's just a matter of when.

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