Monday, June 14, 2004

Circus Act

Sometimes I feel like one of those circus acts where the guy attempts to keep a number of plates or basketballs spinning. It's quite a feat. Well, the circus act, I mean. What's not so amazing is my attempt to keep my life in balance. I get one ball spinning - like this blog. Wahoo - 14 days in a row! But wait - what happened to my Bible journal? Or I get on a "Fly Lady" kick with the house and for a few weeks the sink stays clean and the laundry finds a home. But then my writing drops off the deep end.

How do I ever learn to keep them all spinning? Surely there has to be a better way than how the circus guy does this - running here and there, giving first this plate, then that one a spin. Just the thought of it wears me out! If anyone has a solution, please be so kind as to share it with me. Until then, I can only take comfort in God's promise to finish the good work He began in me. His work in my life is better than any circus act, so I must just trust Him more each day.

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