Sunday, July 30, 2006

Liam or Max?

Nope, I'm not picking names for a baby or new pet. Last night I started a Scottish epic movie marathon, seeing my husband is out of town for the weekend and he'd never watch either Rob Roy or Braveheart. I finished Rob Roy last night and really enjoyed it. Apparently it didn't do as well since it was released within the same year as Braveheart. I"m over halfway through Braveheart and so far, I'm thinking I liked Rob Roy a wee bit better. Both however satisfied my love of Scottish scenery and plenty of that soulful music. I can't pick between Liam and Max though - they're both great actors.

So what movie would you watch, given a long evening to yourself? What's on your list of favorites or want-to-see movies?

UPDATE: Rob Roy wins over Braveheart in my book. I don't really mind the battle scenes in Braveheart so much, but I thought the story, although a good one, dragged on a bit.


Jennifer said...

My husband and I watched Braveheart togehter, and he's actually okay with romantic comedies as well. He doesn't like real chic flicks, like Beaches, or some drama. So, I've never seen Schindler's List, and can't bring myself to watch it alone. I do love Life is Beautiful and he won't watch that either.

Katrina said...

It's been a long time since I saw Braveheart. I remember enjoying it, although it felt very looong. I never saw Rob Roy, though. As for want-to-see movies... I guess I'm not a huge movie person, but I am curious about Firewall, since I usually enjoy Harrison Ford. And I want to watch Eight Below with Camden (I'm a sucker for dog movies!).

Susanne said...

It took me many years to bring myself to watch Braveheart and I don't think I watched all of it, bits and pieces and then strun the story together. I'm not good with real graphic violence. Haven't watched Saving Private Ryan for the same reason!

I tend to like "disaster" type shows. Or a real good edge of your seat kind of show. My all time fave is "Apollo 13".

Next movie we want to rent is "Glory Road".

Tricia Goyer said...

I love the BAND OF BROTHERS mini-series. Hmmm . . . maybe because I write WWII novels!

I read the book before the mini-series came out. My husband bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago, and we watched it together over the course of a few week.

Of course, John would be puzzled when the episode would start and I'd start crying. "I'm sorry," I'd say. "I know what's going to happen . . ."

I would LOVE a free weekend to watch that again!

Stacy said...

Well, I love movies and we go often to the theater, rent even more, and buy quite a few (our DVD collection is over a 100 and counting). However, many of those movies belong to my hubby and are movies I won't watch. Braveheart, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan among them. I don't do violence, I don't like watching anything gory or even remotely violent. Everyone I know loves Braveheart, but I wont' watch because of the violence - is Rob Roy the same way? I adore British and Scottish books and movies. I'm a big Anglophile :)

As for movies we want to see, I keep a list at my blogsite. We saw Firewall, Glory Road, Eight Below and Inside Man at the theater earlier in the year, and I liked them all (although some more than others). Eight Below was really good, as was Glory Road. Firewall will be a decent rental, but it was't my idea of a big screen flick. Same with Inside Man.

Have a wonderful day!

MacroMoments said...

One movie I've watched three times (alone) in the past: Shadowland. (Bring Kleenex!)

Jeannine said...

I never watched Rob Roy but I did read the book a couple years ago and really liked it. I still have a lot of the scenes in my head. I should get the movie and watch it to see how similar or different it will be.

Right now my husband and I are working our way through all the Jeeves and Wooster DVDs.