Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things about Me

Thirteen Things about Dianne

I don't have to start work until later this morning so I thought I'd give Thursday Thirteen a try. This is pretty generic for starters.

1. I would rather read than eat.

2. When I do eat, my favorite things are actually vegetables. Yes, swiss chard, zucchini and fresh peas are some of my favorite foods.

3. I was involved with cheerleading for over fifteen years; six in high school, one in college and then as either a coach or cheerleading camp instructor. Guess you could say I loved to cheer?

4. My sister and I both started dating our husbands in September, got engaged in February and were married in October. And we both retained the same initials (from DK to DP).

5. On our first date, my husband just picked me up at my house and we rode with friend to an amusement park. When we got there, there were many other single girls in the group, I figured there was no way he intended to spend the day with me. I truly thought he just gave me a ride to be nice. I kept moving away and he kept sticking to me like glue!

6. I've never been farther west than Chicago and that's perfectly fine with me.

7. If I were to travel anywhere I could, I think I'd go to Prince Edward Island.

8. The ideal vacation for my husband is a week at the beach. For me, it's a week of non-stop reading! No, seriously, I like to visit historical sites.

9. I'm on my fourth car. I think my husband's on his fourteenth!

10. I just started reading Pride and Predjudice for the first time. I have to, because I want to watch the movie and I always like to read the books first.

11. One of my all-time favorite books is Moby Dick.

12. We live four doors away from my in-laws and we all get along pretty well.

13. I've been to Ireland.


Cheeky said...

Welcome the Thursday Thirteen! These are some really interesting facts.

I never thought I would like veggies as much as I do now...hehe

I played too

Carmen said...

welcome! I was a cheerleader too, but managed to hurt my knees in HS and couldn't cheer in college. :(

Susanne said...

Great 1st TT! My daughter would be so jealous that you've been to Ireland! And if you want to pretend to go to PEI check out And you really should come out farther west and a little north. It's great country out here!

gail said...

Good list! I like to read the books before a movie too, but don't always get it done.
My list is up.

Katrina said...

Oh, Dianne. I fear for our friendship. The whole vegetable thing... and then the Moby Dick thing. I had to write a paper on Moby Dick in high school and after a valiant attempt to read the book, I switched to the Cliff's Notes!

Good thing we share such a love of reading in general, though. And we have a common history of cheerleading. That will have to sustain our friendship, I guess. :)

Minerva Jane said...

My first thursday, too.
But no further west than Chicago--ah. California is spectacular. My sister lives in the SF Bay area and god is it gorgeous. Big Sur!

Stacy said...

Great first T13, nice to meet you, and welcome! I love to read also, but I'd be hard pressed to say I'd rather read than eat (I love both!)

Have a wonderful day, mine is up too...

Jeannine said...

What a good list! I don't think I'd be able to think up thirteen interesting things about me.

Islandsparrow said...

yes!!! Come to PEI - you can read on the beach while your husband enjoys the surf!!

Swiss chard?? really - you're not kidding?? I always assumed I didn't like it because it's a veggie and it's green and it looks like spinach and I don't like that. Maybe I'll have to give it a try...

Jennifer said...

Interesting. I bought Moby Dick to read once, because we skipped it my Jr. Year, because we had to write this dumb report on the Federalist Papers, because the constitution was 150 years old or something. . . . Anyway, I never read it. Maybe I'll try again.

I'm on my fifth car, but one of them (the first) I only drove six months and totalled it, and then two of them, I drove first, and we got a new family car, and my husband drove those. He's on his 4th, I just figured out, and that includes the two that I drove as well. So, only seven between the two of us and we've each driven over 20 years. Wow. He's due for a new car next year.