Friday, July 14, 2006


So I painted some garden furniture tonight, pushing myself to finish with the reward of a relaxing hour of Monk at 10 pm. Did I mention I'm really repainting them, after deciding I didn't like the first shade of green?

At 10pm, I tune into USA Network and catch a few seconds of Monk before it breaks for commercial. Perfect timing. Or so I thought. No one told me Monk was moved to 9pm.

Anyways, I'm evaluating the new show Psych - about a guy who doesn't want to be a detective but gets hired by the police department as a psych but really he's not - he's faking it. He just has a well developed sense of observation. I'm not sure I get the point of the show yet but this is my TV time and I gotta do something.

On commercials, I'm checking out the USA website and thought some of you should check out this Monk quiz to determine your level of obsessive compulsiveness (or complete lack thereof)! There's several other fun games on the USA site while you're at it!

Happy Friday night to all my blogging buds!


Katrina said...

Okay, I think I'm improving. I took the test and I'm "A Little Monk-ish." I believe I took it close to a year ago and I was more Monk-ish than this. :)

I was curious about that Psych show, but not curious enough to Tivo it (which is the only way I manage to watch TV these days, it seems - Tivo now, watch later).

Stacy said...

OK, this is weird! I just posted a blog entry for today and half of it was about the show Psych :) We liked it too. And that Monk quiz, I took a while back, and oh my, I was shocked to have it tell me I was only a LITTLE Monkish! :)

Have a great day and a terrific weekend!

Jennifer said...

I liked Dule Hill in the West Wing, so I was semi-interested in that show, but I'm sure I won't end up watching it.

Cindy said...

Cool quiz! I found out that I'm "a little monk-ish." And I sent the quiz to my radio co-host, who is a big "Monk" fan!

Islandsparrow said...

I tried to find "Monk" on our satellite and we can only get it in French!!! Too bad because my French is not that good :(