Monday, July 03, 2006

Always Blog On A Full Tank

I saw that saying on another blog today. It was actually an advertisement for a website I'll probably never visit, but I couldn't help thinking how appropriate it was for my blogging in terms of my relationship with Christ. Not that every post I write is devotional in nature, but if I'm not walking with Him and in the Word daily, I won't have much more than fumes as far as my writing goes. I'd never think of driving around on an empty gas tank, so why do I think I can write or just go through my day without being filled with the Spirit?


Katrina said...

Very true! And I can probably apply it to many areas: Always parent on a full tank. Always respond to my husband on a full tank. Always serve on a full tank. Thanks for the reminder!

Jennifer said...

Amen. I have really felt like I was walking through this whole blogging thing with God. And I have been faithful to Him and His word, so that makes sense.

But all this full tank stuff, Katrina, is making me hungry.

Susanne said...

Isn't this the truth simply put!