Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer Night Sounds

While the rest of you are blogging about funny things like kid's conversations, yours truly is blogging about bugs. That's right - bugs.

Ever since I've been a kid, I enjoy nothing better on a summer night than to sit outside and listen to the summer night sounds. Growing up in the country, miles away from shopping centers and busy streets, we'd often sit outside late into the night, gazing up at the night sky and enjoying nature's serenade. Even today, those night sounds still thrill me. Tonight I sat out on our newly remodeled back porch (which is actually a porch now, with an open view to our spacious backyard which is surrounded by woods, instead of a steamy room) and enjoyed a private concert.

I have no clue which insects make what noises, but apparently I am not alone in my love of these night musicians. Check out this site where someone has actually documented the different songs of the different species - hey, I went to a lot of trouble to find this site for you all! And apparently during the blackout in New York City a few summers ago, some people had nothing else to do besides listen to these bugs I apologize for the one swear word used at the end of the article but it was interesting nevertheless).

You know, those bugs can make quite a racket. But as noisy as they can be, it's in the midst of that noise that I find I can best "be still" and know that He is God. I wonder why it is that during my busy days, I sometimes am unable to remember that. He doesn't say "be quiet" but just "be still." In the midst of chaos, He is there, if I just stop long enough to rest in that knowing.

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10


MacroMoments said...

Dianne, you hooked me with this buggy post. (I wrote a set of middle-school devotionals titled God Thought of Everything Weird & Wacky, and God Thought of Everything Strange & Slimy for the same reasons--I love insects and unusual critters.) The sites with insect sounds are great! My granddaughter will love that.

Thanks for a fun post - and the verse at the end was the perfect wrapup!

Katrina said...

Great post Dianne, and interesting bug song site. Listening to the nighttime chorus always reminds me of growing up out in the country, where the bugs weren't interrupted by semis barrelling down the road. Love your application, too!

Jeannine said...

I love listening to the cicadas and crickets on late summer evenings.