Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who Me? A Shopaholic?

I don't think so. Especially when it comes to clothes! I must have missed that gene. Especially when it comes to summer clothes. I don't have the drive to get out there and fight the throngs surrounding the clearance racks, and I hate paying high prices for something I'll wear for about eight weeks out of the year. I can never seem to remember to shop off-season. Most of my clothing purchases are acts of desperation (i.e. what will my co-workers think if I wear this pair of tan khakis for the third time this week?)

I think the problem is my preference for the familiar. Around the house, I wear the same t-shirt and shorts for a day or so, until walks off to the hamper. Or perhaps it's a bit of shyness. Once my mom bought me an Easter dress when I came home from college for the holiday break. Easter morning she asked me why I wasn't wearing it. I politely explained that I'd have to wear a bag over my head if I wore it that day. Huh? It was so bright and pretty, people were sure to ask, "Is that new?" I hated that kind of attention. If I waited a few months before wearing it, I could honestly respond, "This old thing?!" So even when I do buy new clothes, I tend to just look for replacements of my favorite things. The basics. Tan, navy and black khakis. Sweaters and blouses to match. One nice suit for dress-up day.

My other problem is, in spite of my love for all things art, and my eye for color and design, I have no clue when it comes to picking out matching clothes. A foray into a department store with myriads of colors and styles sends me into a mental tizzy. I don't want to work when I go clothes shopping. Please, be kind to me - hang suggested matches on the same rack. Make it easy for me. (That's what my favorite store, Christopher & Banks, does and it's great).

And what's the deal with some little dweeb in Paris telling me what's in style? Excuse me, but I don't care to wear what looks like a negligee to work! I like my tan skirts. I don't like your strapless tops and high cut shorts. And where's the style I just got accustomed to last summer? I'll tell YOU what's cute and what I like and you make that, Mr. Designer and I'll buy it. Okay?

When my sister and I lived together, shopping was easy. Sis would come home on a Friday evening with some clothing purchases. I'd find out where she got them and go pick up the same outfit for myself the next day in my size, and if available, a different color! I'm sure it irritated her that her big sis copied off her but she never let on. It was kind of funny because we looked so darn much alike and wearing the same outfits only added to people's confusion. One morning she and I both ended up with the same outfit on. We both refused to change, so off we headed for the small Christian school where we taught - she in fifth grade, me in junior high. Needless to say we got a few funny looks!

So . . . any shopaholics out there with tips to share?


Jennifer said...

I can't share as a shopaholic, but much like what you did with you sister, if I really have some money to spend and know I plan to buy some clothes, I take a shopaholic with me! I remember a particular trip with one of the best shoppers I know. It took some time, working through some different specialty areas, but I bought some stuff I liked (and most of it I still like and wear) and it was all on sale. But, no, that's a superpower that I do not possess, either.

Katrina said...

I hate shopping for clothes, so I tend to stick to the tried-and-true as well. I'm a big Land's End fan, and I know what size I am in their clothes, so I often order clothes from them (and I use my Discover Card cashback award to get free Land's End gift cards - free clothes!). The catalog shows clothes that look good together (I need help in that area, too!), and they have an Overstocks section with great prices. I'll never be accused of being a fashionista. I figure if my clothes fit and don't clash, I've been successful.

Jeannine said...

We have a Goodwill store a mile and a half away so I try to shop there every week or so. Little by little I'm building a wardrobe of quality clothes I really like. Sometimes I don't find anything, but other times there will be several items I like and in my size. That's what keeps me coming back for more. :-)

I detest mall shopping. It wearies me because it's all so overwhelming.

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