Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cheap Date

Dinner at DQ - $7.69
Diet Coke float for dessert - $2.11
A drive in the country and then down by the mill where my husband now works - priceless!

It stinks down by the mill, just like he said it does. But he didn't take me there to prove his point. As we neared the mill, he said, "Open your windows and take a deep breath!" I did and mmmm! Honeysuckle! You don't usually think of guys liking certain fragrances but Mike absolutely loves the smell of honeysuckle. And I love that he focuses on the honeysuckle, rather than on the stinky mill!

And . . . Yankee Candle makes a honeysuckle candle so I'll be looking for one of those on Ebay!


Katrina said...

Very sweet! You've got a great guy, there! :)

Jennifer said...

I like honeysuckle, too. At the library today the pine trees were very fragrant and it took me back (to somewhere--I just can't quite remember where).

Dionna Sanchez said...

I've never heard of a Diet Coke float! Sounds yummy - except for the diet part. :)