Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday - God-thoughts: Twice is Nice

It always amazes me how kids can watch the same video over and over again. Or likewise enjoy the same bedtime story every night. Sometimes we adults just don't get it, do we? We expend great amounts of effort trying to find the latest and greatest for kids, be it toys, movies or books, only to be sorely disappointed when they display a preference for the tried and true.

In our Adult Bible Fellowship class today, we began a discussion of Chronicles with the question: why did Ezra take the time to recount the familiar stories of Israel in this book? Some have called it a sanitized version of Kings, as it lacks the some of the more personal stories we find in Kings. We came to the conclusion that it was important for the children of Israel, returning from exile, to hear those stories yet again. They needed to be reminded of God's unfailing promises and, I think, learn how they fit into the story of their great heritage.

Lately I've been attempting to make a habit of reading things twice. After reading Circle of Quiet last summer and resisting the urge to mark up the library book, I got my own copy and have been enjoying underlining and highlighting parts I want to remember. A few summers ago I began doing something different when reading my Bible. Instead of zipping through the book so I can check a little box on a schedule, I take my time and read through each chapter twice. Actually I start day one reading chapters 1-2. The second day, I read chapter 2-3 and so forth. I always find something stands out to me on my second reading through that I missed the first time.

Another area where I'm finding twice is nice is menu planning. I hit upon a great recipe for tilapia a few months ago and my husband absolutely loves it. So that's my recipe for fish now and we have it that way at least twice a month. A few favorites repeated throughout the months goes a long way towards simplifying meal planning.

So that's my thought for today: twice is nice. How about you - have you found this be true in your life and if so, where?


Jennifer said...

For me--for many clothes twice is nice. I wear them twice, , jeans sometimes more, and save on laundry. If there aren't stains or odors--they get hung back up!

I like your Bible reading plan. I've had company in town and have a few entries to catch up on!

Katrina said...

Well, does it count if I'm so sleep-deprived that I have to read *everything* twice in order to make sense of it? :)

I'm with Jennifer on the clothing - especially jeans. And I have to say that I expect many of my meals to do "double-duty" - we're big on leftovers here. I'll make a big pan of something and we'll eat it for 2-3 days instead of just one night. I'm glad my boys are pretty easy to please and so willingly eat leftovers.