Friday, June 23, 2006

One for the Moms

I've been enjoying this blog for sometime now. The authors are a pastor's wife and her three grown daughters. I don't necessarily agree with everything they say, but they have lots of good advice which they share with such grace and humility. Recently they've been posting a series on the benefits of routines. They prefaced the series with an article entitled "It's Just a Suggestion." So many times, we get hung up on petty issues within the Christian community, while we neglect the things that matter to the heart of God. I appreciated their approach to this topic and find it applicable to any area where people differ on opinion.

I think you'll be blessed by this series if you're a mom. I think you'll be blessed by their blog if your desire as a woman is to serve Christ.


Katrina said...

I've been following their series with interest, since I'm a big fan of schedules myself. I agree that they have a great and humble approach to the whole thing.

Jennifer said...

With summer here, I need to make sure that each day doesn't just drift too aimlessly. I will never have the discipline to be that scheduled, but I do know that A & K like to know what to expect in their routines. I was new to this site, so thanks for the recommendation.

Islandsparrow said...

I've been a "lurker" on Girltalk for awhile - a lot of interesting, thoughtful posts.