Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thirteen Things

Okay, I'm totally cheating here. I've been pondering what thirteen things I might post about should I ever choose to participate in the Thursday Thirteen meme. But I haven't totally figured TT out yet - you know, the code, etc. Anyways, this was on the back burner today when I stumbled across a wonderfully convicting article on Not coincidentally, it contains exactly - you guessed it! Thirteen points! So I encourage you to check this out when you get a minute.

Whether we're pondering a bad choice made at the mall yesterday, a poor choice of words last week or a more life-altering decision years ago, it seems natural to hang onto the past and allow it to paralyze us and blind us from God's promises. I thought this article was too good not to share.


Katrina said...

Good article - thanks for sharing it! Coincidentally, I posted today about my tendency to focus too much on the future. :)

I'll help you with Thursday Thirteen if you teach me how to get my bloglines to be automatically listed in my sidebar!

Jennifer said...

I was going to tell you which one I liked most and why--but each point was really wonderful. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to try to read over it again, because you know, "Twice is Nice."