Sunday, June 25, 2006

Four-part Harmony and T-Ball

Well yesterday was definintely not an "all-about-me" day! It was a niece and nephew day. I took my parents up at noon to hear my almost-nine year old niece play her violin in a perfomance culminating a week-long music camp. And last evening we went to my husband's nephew's t-ball game. The concert was cute - B's group was a little squeaky, as is to be expected for 8-9 year olds just mastering the art of playing along with others. The t-ball game. Well, what can I say - it should have been just three innings long but I swear it was more like six interminable ones. It was also just plain cute though!

What struck me about both of these events was the thought of kids learning to be a part of something bigger. To work in harmony with others. To value each member of the team, no matter how different their part.

Isn't that something we are always learning as adults - where we fit in? I thought about how applicable this is to the blogging world. When I first started out with my blog, I had few goals for my blog. I don't have a lot of time to devote to making it anything more than a brain dump! But as I began to peruse other blogs, mine seemed so insignificant and boring. I have, however, begun to embrace all different types of blogs. I appreciate that we all have a place in the blogging world, and in a larger sense, the body of Christ (for the most part, the ones I visit regularly happen to be of a Christian viewpoint). Isn't it awesome that so many of us who've never met, can be joined together in blogdom? So here are a few of my favorites; I hope you'll take the time to check out a few of these blogs this week.

There's Debra's blog. I think Debra was the first blogger who actually linked to me. Her blog has been such a blessing to me. She is so transparent and someone I can relate to. I read her entries often as part of my devotions, taking time to look up scriptures she references.

Then there's Cindy's blog. Cindy never fails to have something interesting to share, be it a book or interesting news snippet.

Bonnie's blog is unique in that she combines her love of photography with her way with words. I've even sent some of her posts to my sister to share with her nature-loving kids.

Robin Lee Hatcher has quickly become one of my favorite authors, and I was thrilled to learn she had a blog. She graciously allows readers peeks into her writing journey, as well as her walk with God.

Another author's blog I frequent is that of Angela Hunt. Although I have no aspirations to write fiction, I admire Angela's discipline. She just cranks out the books. I recently finished The Truth Teller and if you're up for suspenseful, fast moving fiction, you need to check out Angela's books.

I started reading Lisa Samson's books about a year ago. Church Ladies impressed me as being a picture of community the way Christ intended it. Funny and unpredictable, Lisa has a way of peeling back the layers and exposing life for what it really is.

My sis is a reluctant blogger, but I'm trying to encourage her that she belongs here. Currently she's caught up writing upon four little lives, but she has lots of good thoughts to share with the rest of us, whenever she finds a moment.

My writing pal, Katrina, is back to blogging with a vengeance after the birth of her 2nd son. She has faithfully encouraged me through my writing (and other) ups and downs over the years. A published magazine writer, she always has something worth reading at her blog.

Through Katrina's blog, I've "met" fellow blogger Jennifer at Snapshot. I'm enjoying Jennifer's enthusiasm for blogging - she has jumped right in there and made herself at home, bravely participating in Carnivals and other blogging adventures!

And a recent find has been IslandSparrow. The pictures alone on her blog are worth a visit - she lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada, and her posts often spout a bit from the beloved Anne of Green Gables series. I think she's especially lucky to have had Robin Mark of Revival in Belfast at her church recently!

There are so many other worthwhile blogs out there. Some are simple and just put forth a bit of personal insight from time to time. Others are big-time bloggers, hosting carnivals and all sorts of fun things to bring bloggers together. Some are almost devotional in nature. But all have a place in the blogging world. It's not for me to try to be like any of these blogs. Just as Brianna can only be expected to play her part well on the violin, and like we hope Casey learns to stayand cover 2nd base, I only have to be true to myself in blogging, as well as in my writing.


Katrina said...

I appreciate your contributions to the blogging world as well, Dianne. You always see the profound in the mundane, and your posts usually leave me contemplating things long after I've put the laptop away. I don't think you've written a post that I haven't enjoyed!

Thanks for linking to my blog, and for all the other great links - I will be checking them all out!

Jennifer said...

I never thought that your blog was insignicant or boring. You have your own niche. It has a very specific feel--very introspective (from all that brain dumping, I guess). And thanks for the links. I checked out most of them. I also appreciate the book links!

Islandsparrow said...

I like this thought Dianne
"...the thought of kids learning to be a part of something bigger. To work in harmony with others. To value each member of the team, no matter how different their part..."

That is so true in every area of our lives - blogging included :) Thank you for posting my name - I feel honoured! I'll enjoy browsing through the others that you've have mentioned too. Isn't it wonderful that believers can "meet" like this - I'm thankful for technology - it makes our world so much bigger and introduces us to so many more who are on our "team".Thank you for these thoughts Dianne!

lisa said...

Hi, Dianne! Thanks so much for the link. Glad to have found your blog!