Monday, August 21, 2006

A Glorious Day

Quite unexpectedly I find myself off work today. My to-do list looms large in front of me, but I had to stop and blog, in thankfulness, about this glorious morning.

When we're on vacation, I love nothing better than to find myself a little quiet scenic spot to sit and read. Well, since dear hubby spent all summer turning our back "room-to-nowhere" into a nice open porch, I feel like I'm on vacation everytime I'm out here! The bugs are still buzzing in the trees, the birds are chirping noisily, happy that someone remember to fill the feeders, a few deer just scampered across my backyard and MacGyver is enjoying the chance to roam freely in the midst of all this! Aahh - glorious indeed.

And I get to sit out here and work. A lot of my to-do list today is writing stuff, so thanks to technology, my office can be anywhere I want to be! Yippee!

Below (from left to right) the old "room", the new open porch, and my view from the porch!


Katrina said...

Oh Dianne, it looks wonderful! I'm so happy for you. Mike did a great job!

Stacy said...

What a glorious view! I'm sure you enjoy it each and every time you use your "new" porch :)

Susanne said...

What a lovely view from that porch! So peaceful looking!

Jeannine said...

You do have a beautiful view and what a nice new porch!