Friday, August 25, 2006

274 Things About Me!


I'll wait until I reach an even 300 posts to bore you like that!

But Susanne tagged me for a weird meme - as in I have to name 5 weird things about me or my pet. In case I do a 100th post thing some day (I passed 100 a long time ago, but I don't really think I can come up with 300 things about me), I'll save the weird things about me for that potential post.

I already told you a couple things about my dog a few days ago, but there are a few more things you may or may not want to know.

1. We take him out on a leash to do his business. Every single time. That makes a total of about 5000 trips to the backyard for this purpose! And about half as many butt wipes!
2. He has this snuggle sack on our bed - like a little sleeping bag for dogs, but open at both ends. We leave one end propped up like a tent so he can get in but he will not get in it by himself! He will stand facing it, looking at it, until we come along and "open" it for him. Spoiled little guy.
3. The only thing he has ever destroyed (except for his toys) was a pencil I left on the bed one time. No shoes, no furniture . . . gotta love that. Once I had some old Winnie the Pooh slippers that had worn out on the bottom and I decided to give them to him. He wouldn't even touch them at first!
4. He hates riding in a car. He quivers and shakes and it's just pathetic. So he doesn't get out much!
5. Oops - I always forget about "the cat" (actually she's my husband's cat!) She's just weird period - but an interesting thing about her is she needs insulin twice a day. A diabetic cat - go figure.

I'll leave it up to you if you'd like to post 5 weird things about yourself or your dog! Oh come on, we'd really love it if you would!!!


Susanne said...

Comments finally working! Yay!
Your dog is funny! Where on earth did you get the doggy snuggle sack? That's a great idea! Thanks for playing! Now you can start working on that 300 list! :)

Jeannine said...

I just passed 300 on my blog last night. I briefly--very briefly--considered doing one of those types of posts and then thought, "Nahhhh. . ."

It is funny that your dog makes you open the sack for him. I sometimes wonder what goes on in a dog's mind. Do they think they have us well-trained or am I just being anthropomorphic?

Jennifer said...

Funny. Pets are quirky, but that makes them all the more adorable to us.