Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Miracle Thing

I don't know why but I've been thinking about miracles lately. Perhaps this recent post by Katrina at Callapidder Days started the wheels churning in my head. Then this past Sunday, a guest speaker in our adult Sunday School class related a series of events in his ministry that were no doubt miraculous. And frankly, I need a miracle. At least I think I do. There are situations in my life that, at least from my very human perspective, only a miracle could remedy. (Fishing for the right word here - not sure if remedy is exactly what I mean.)

But then I think about the miracles Jesus did while he was here on earth. I think "I" need a miracle, but everytime he performed a miracle, it was with a greater purpose, to glorify the Father. I think "I" need a miracle, but is it really all about me? Like the speaker this past Sunday mentioned, when God brought the children of Israel to the banks of the Red Sea and then allowed the Egyptian soldiers to close in behind them, he did so that not only the Israelites, but also all the surrounding societies would know that it could only have been God that delivered them. There was no doubt.

I don't really know much about miracles. But I do see a few things from the miracles in Scripture:

  1. It's not about me. Not one tiny bit. I tend to have me at the center of all my prayers - my needs, my wants, my plans. But miracles are about God being glorified in our lives. I think God works miracles to serve his higher purposes.
  2. But then it is about me. Because Jesus loves me. Because he has a plan for me that is greater than I could ever imagine.
  3. I don't think there's anything we can do to merit a miracle. I can't picture God handing out miracles like the quiet seat prizes we used to get in junior church.
  4. I know we can't design our miracles. That's what Martha wanted to do. She had it all figured out. "Jesus, if only you'd have gotten here sooner, you could have healed Lazarus!" Isn't it funny how we actually think God is too late sometimes? Martha already had her miracle on the drawing board. She was probably planning what she'd serve at the celebration feast - "My brother was sick and now he's healthy - come and celebrate with us - free food for all!"
  5. Isn't a changed heart a miracle in itself? Isn't the fact that God chooses to be involved in our lives, to allow his Holy Spirit to work in our hearts nothing short of miraculous? Do I want a day-in, day-out relationship with him or do I just want him to show up when the going gets rough?
Well, these are just 4:00 am musings, so I apologize if you were expecting more! I don't have any great theological wrap-up to this post. In fact, I don't really have any worthwhile conclusions at all! So if you'd like to chime in with your two-cents worth, feel free to do so.


tripmom827 said...


Great post. I think I struggle with this too. I think of some of the things we have prayed for in our ABF and just knowing God could be so glorified if only the miracle would come. SOmetimes, I can take comfort in the thought that somehow He will bring greater glory througha situation even if the miracle I was looking for doesn't happen. It's His specialty, right? :)
Blessings! Nikki

Susanne said...

This was an awesome post Dianne! You muss pretty good at 4 A.M.! I used to try to bend God's arm so that I could get the "miracle" I had nicely planned and ordered and would get so down when it didn't come the way I had put my order in for. Lately I think God has been settling me down a bit, and I've been learning He is God and He has a plan. My job, in my humanness, is to trust that He knows best and just to keep drawing in closer to Him when I am facing struggles, putting my focus on my relationship with Him rather than my focus going on "fixing" the problem. Does this make sense?

Barb said...

All my requests for miracles used to be about me, too. When I started my blog and started meeting people out here who have such serious need for miracles, it put it in perspective for me. I've found that when I pray now it's a lot less about me and a lot more about someone out here who truly needs it a lot more than I ever will.

Katrina said...

But Dianne, all your points are worthwhile conclusions. I especially love your insight that a changed heart is a miracle - it is, indeed.

Jennifer said...

I don't need to chime in at all. You did a great job. I agree that the conclusions are right on.