Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't Rush the Washing Machine

I arrived home late from work today and was thrilled to see the fall issue of Backyard Living waiting for me on the kitchen table (I'm a bonafide magazine junkie). I ripped open the plastic and started to peruse the pages. Wait a minute! It's only August 8th! I'm not ready to think about fall yet. I closed the magazine and tucked it away in my bookbag. Maybe I'll crack it open when we go to the lake next weekend. Perhaps I'll hold off until after Labor Day.

Doesn't it just kill you how our commercial society is so geared towards the next big thing? This is especially true with seasons. I know that, no sooner have I devoured the last bit of my fall issues sometime in September, the winter issues will be in my mailbox, and along with them, all sorts of holiday catalogs.

When I was in college, a pastor preached a sermon entitled "Don't Rush the Washing Machine." Addressing his thoughts towards thousands of teens at a conference, he encouraged young people to enjoy whatever season of life they're in. If you skip just one wash cycle, you've ruined the load of wash. You'll either have wet but dirty clothes, or clean and soapy clothes. Each cycle has its place, as does every season of life.

Twenty some years later, I find this ever more pertinent. Right now I'm not tempted to cruise through junior high school so that I can drive, or get to college in order to be on my own, but I am tempted to over-anticipate the events of the next month, or season. But in doing so, I miss today. And that's where I need to be. Today. Fully enjoying the weather of today. The events of today. The people whose paths I cross today. Not that I can't anticipate tomorrow. Make a few plans, etc. But I can't live there. And I have to resist society's lure that tells me tomorrow's where it's at.

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Katrina said...

I tend to always be looking for the next thing, but I've become more aware of this lateley and have been trying to intentionally slow down and enjoy today. I do have to admit, I'm a teeny bit ready for fall, since it's my favorite season, but I don't want to wish away the rest of summer, either. Good post.

Stacy said...

Great post, well said. I often think the same thing, especially in regards to the retailers pushing the seasonal commercial stuff on us so early. I was in Hobby Lobby last month (July) and they had all the fall stuff out and were putting out Christmas. Ack. I don't remember it being this bad years ago, but I do think it gets worse every year.

Thankfully, the older I get, the more I do tend to be aware of this and work to fix it, aka slow down. I am getting better at enjoying each day and savoring the sweet, simple things in life.

However, I am tired of 98ยบ days and would like a break from the heat. LOL :)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hallelujah! I'm in hotter than blazes Texas and the stores have out sweaters! It wont be cool enough to wear them here til sometime in late October at best. On a commercial level I know they push early to stretch the buying window; on a spiritual level, that is a great reminder you have for us. It's easy to want to peek around the corner to what's next, and in doing so we miss today.

Jennifer said...

Yes! My daughter and I were just in the store and she asked why all the Halloween stuff was up. Yes, in the beginning of August! Let's enjoy summer and back to school and all that jazz.

Jeannine said...

That is so true and it's something I still struggle with. It will be a beautiful summer day with a blue sky, a nice breeze, and I'll be happily hanging clothes on the line. Am I enjoying the day? Yes, but often I'm fantasizing about crisp autumn days with the smell of burning leaves in the air, hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, nice fall clothes. . . or I'll think of snowy days (in my imagination never too cold) and how pretty it looks with everything covered in white and the children in snowsuits making snow forts. . . Of course when it's those seasons I'm dreaming of spring flowers and hot summer days with a blue sky, a nice breeze, and me happily hanging clothes on the line.

I do try to fight against this tendency but it's not licked yet.