Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Pizza: Crust First!

I have never seen anyone eat pizza like my husband does. His first order of business is always the same: remove crust and eat that first. His reasoning is simple; he eats the part he likes the least first.

Recently I've been frustrated with my lack of discipline when it comes to balancing household chores and other tasks. Weekends and evenings seem to fly by and all too often I wake up realizing that I failed to accomplish the most basic necessities. Clean laundry jeers at me from a five-day old pile and reminds me I'll need to iron everything I let sit and wrinkle. Dust beckons me to write myself little notes on the coffee table; dirty dishes in the sink confirm my feelings that I am, at nearly forty years of age, about as disciplined as my five-year-old nephew.

Somewhere lately I picked up a little mantra and have been reciting it to myself. "Can-do, must-do, should-do, want-to." It's just a reminder that each day brings many opportunities and tasks, some which I must accomplish, others I should do if I get around to them. Lastly are the things I want to do. Prioritizing my time in this manner has really helped. When I do sit down to read, write or take a walk in the evenings, I do so without these must-do tasks hanging over my head and thus, I enjoy my leisure time much more.

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