Thursday, July 29, 2004

12:08 am and all's well!

Hubby is sick tonight so I graciously offered to sleep on the couch - I can't afford to catch anything, having just begun my new job at work.  He seemed so appreciative; I almost felt guilty.  It is not at all sacrifice for me . . . for the simple reason I can stay up as late as I like. True, I will pay for this tomorrow as my glazed over eyes stare at my PC and try to make sense of my day.  But tonight - a few minutes to peruse my favorite sites, study my Bible in peace and quiet, and even enjoy an uninterrupted episode of Monk!  I DO hope he feels better tomorrow but as long as circumstances allow me this small pleasure, I'm enjoying it for all it's worth.  Although all I really have to do is say "novel" and he's willing for me to stay up as late as I wish!  (Novel - ha ha!)

A praise - I guess I could say I started my new job today, which is really just different responsibilities carried out in a cubicle instead of an office with a window.  But I'm not complaining!  I looked at my watch and it was 11:30 am, then 2:00 pm and before I realized it, the 5:00 crowd was walking out the door.  Whereas last week I was counting down the minutes until 5:00 rolled around, it was great to be so caught up in my work that time worked itself away. 

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