Thursday, July 01, 2004

8 Simple Rules . . . for Myself

I really liked that show "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter" when John Ritter was on it. Anyways, I've been kicking around a few "rules" for myself:

1.  No reading any writing sites, boards or blogs until I have written something that day. No writee - no readee!

2. With the exception of books on writing, I will write a short review or summary of every book I read.

3. When I sit down to write, no jumping on the Internet until I've written at least 250 words. Come on, piece of cake!

4. I need to bite the bullet and start sending out a few query letters. No pressure, here!

5. I love blogging but my first priority must still be spending time in God's word.

6. As assuredly as there will always be laundry to wash and grass to cut, there will be more good writing websites out there than I need. So I need to pick a few that are most helpful to me, and not allow myself to waste valuable time revisiting the same old sites.  My picks:,, and

7. Likewise, I need to find one helpful writer's board and abandon the others for a while.

8. Don't title blog entries with a number unless I'm certain I have that many points to make!

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Cheryl Wright said...

Some time ago I wrote a post at my blog, entitles, 12 Rules to live by

Your post has inspired me to write a list of personal rules. When it's done, I"ll post it to my blog and let you know.

Some of your rules will make my list for sure.

Until next time.