Thursday, July 08, 2004

My So-called Simple Life

This year I made one of those dastardly resolutions. I proclaimed to anyone who cared to listen, "(Read my lips!) This year I'm going to simplify my life."

That was January. For about two months, I purposed to enjoy quiet peaceful evenings at home. I spurned invitations for coffee and shopping and cut back on trips to the bookstore. I wrote. I read. I wrote reviews on books I read, and even tried limiting myself to one book at a time. I was available to offer my husband help and opinions as he hibernated in the gameroom, finishing up a three-year remodeling project. Other than that, I did little but assess my solitude and assume I was achieving my dream of a simple life.

This is July. I'm attending writers' group at my church twice a month. I signed up for a Writer's Digest writing course. I visit the library at least every other week and having approximately 6 books going right now (reading, that is!) I agreed to help with girls' club at church again in the fall. Always a sucker for anything free, I signed up for a Barne's & Noble University course, Writing for Children, and just today I received the materials for starting a reading group based on Nicholas Spark's The Notebook (free, of course!)

You want to go for coffee? I'm there! Visit Borders or shop? Sure, why not? Simple was BORING!

What happened? Did I blow it again? Well, for one thing, I guess if I make the rules, I can break them, right? But really, I think I have somewhat succeeded in simplifying my life. I feel more focused now. I think I know what's important to me: my walk with Christ, my family and relationships, my health and writing. I do try to make sure every endeavor supports one of those priorities. Now my challenge is finding the balance between them all.

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