Friday, July 02, 2004

An "ah-ha" Moment!

Every so often, I get to wondering that question of all questions: what is my purpose in life? I'm not really asking does my life have meaning, because I know in Christ, it does. But rather, is what I'm doing meaningful? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? The other day, it dawned on me, much like the woman who looks all over her house for her eyeglasses, only to realize they're perched on her head, or worse, right on her nose! I've been kind of like the guy who is always thinking about his next meal, rather than enjoying what's in front of him. Maybe God's purpose is just for me to glorify Him in what I'm doing now. As a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, employee, Pioneer Club leader, writer, neighbor - I just need to be all those things to the glory of God. And sheesh - I already have a plateful! Why should I be looking anywhere else? If God wants me to do something else, I'm sure He will bring it my way.

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Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Dianne,

Often in my articles I encourage readers to envision their dream and whatever they want to achieve in life. But there is the danger of living in the future. The same can be said about our purpose.

Sometimes, when we are unhappy in a situation, the life we are living now, doing what we are doing now, we insist that we don't know what God's purpose is for our lives. And we keep looking and praying. The problem is that even if God is yet to reveal some other purpose for our lives, we still have to be content with where we are, grateful for what we have and do what we have to do now, today, as unto the Lord.

I know of this discontent. I lived it for many years until I saw the light, the error in my thinking. It was not easy to make that shift. I moved back and forth for a while until I began to really live out the truth of this belief. My attitude changed, my focus fastened on Him and my daily purpose was to do His will every moment in every circumstance. It was life-changing. Then little by little, God allowed me to see a new destination and a new purpose for my life and my writing.

The future doesn't belong to us. That's God's department. Our department, our duty, and our purpose each day, is to do our best, give our best and live our best (live holy), so that His name will be glorified.

Nothing is wrong with having a dreaming and pursuing it. nevertheless, we must do so within the framework of living in the blessings of today while remaining open to His voice and His leading.