Sunday, July 18, 2004

Blah, blah, blogging!

Blogging is just such a funny word to me.  It actually sounds like an utterance one might make when throwing up.  And to be honest, sometimes I'm afraid that my blog is little more than that - barf!
Besides the sound of the word, the world of bloggers is a funny one.  For the past two nights, I've taken some time to view the profiles of a few bloggers with "Jesus Christ," "Bible study," or "Christianity" in their profiles.  There's this whole cyber-community of Christians out there, blogging their hearts out.  In a way, it was a neat discovery to find so many committed Christian thinkers who take time out to share their voices on the 'net.  It's kind of odd too, how they all link to one another.  I guess leaving comments on someone else's blog invites them to visit yours and voila!  You're linked!  I must confess I was wondering about the whole purpose of blogging.  I mean, besides the ease of use, if no one else reads my blog, what's the use of keeping one?  Except I find it rather cathartic in a way.  Sometimes my thoughts just bang around inside my head until it hurts, and spilling them out offers a bit of relief and forces me to focus on one and follow it through.  

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