Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things on my Birthday Wishlist

This is really just for my husband. I always tell him he's perfectly welcome to read my blog but surprisingly, he'd rather cut wood or work on the house! So with the big day coming up next month, I'm of course taking Katrina's advice and offering a wish list to make his shopping easier (actually this is a giant conglomerate list to last him the next several months, Christmas and anniversary included). But he'll have to come here if he wants to see it!

  1. Flowers delivered at work. Now Mike is the greatest when it comes to surprising me with flowers but generally we both just prefer being able to enjoy them at home. But I've spent some long days at work lately and I think flowers would be the perfect thing to brighten up my dreary cube. Besides, when we first started dating ten years ago, he sent me flowers to work and I just loved it!
  2. A bread machine cookbook. Here's one I'd really like and it can be had used (actually it can only be had used!) But there's always this one too: 250 Best American Bread Machine Baking Recipes.
  3. A Corel Photoshop book. Corel Paint Shop Pro X Revealed looks really good.
  4. A Josh Turner CD.
  5. Billy Ray Cyrus' newest CD.
  6. Nicholas Nickleby on DVD - this has to be my favorite of all Dicken's stuff and an awesome screen version.
  7. 84 Charing Cross Road with Anne Bancroft. A book and DVD to feed my love of all things books, since the story is about a transatlantic relationship between two bibliophiles (or bookgirl, as my husband would say!)
  8. Leaving, how about a drive in the country to enjoy the fall foliage?
  9. Tiramasu. I'm way, way, way overdue for a piece of tiramasu!
  10. As long as I'm having dessert, might as well do coffee somewhere.
  11. After we have dinner with Steve somewhere. I need some red meat!
  12. Oh yeah, now that I fit in that little black dress again, could we go somewhere I could wear it? While I fit in it and before I have to have it made into a handbag!
  13. An evening in front of the fireplace watching our wedding video and looking through our album.
Well, I hope this makes it easier for you, babe. Save your head-scratching for your master's classes. And I'll take care of everyone else in our family who has a birthday between now and Christmas (I think we're up to 9 now) and you just worry about me! Love you!


Katrina said...

Very sweet. Good for you for making a list, and I hope Mike drops by to read it (and utilize it, of course)!

Thrills said...

Great idea! I may have to do a list closer to my birthday.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Youre funny, seriously funny! I just spent much of the evening with you; I wish I'd read this before. I would have given you grief for being a Billy Ray Cyrus fan, since we're good friends with his cousin Tom. And we could have gone somewhere to have tiramisu and coffee. It was darned fun anyway.