Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing You

I thought I'd been missing new posts on a blog I enjoy, and so I posted a comment to the author letting her know I'd been missing her and perhaps Blogger was toying with her feed or something. I was saddened to hear that her father had passed away unexpectedly.

This started me thinking, do we have any responsibility in this bloggyland to the cyber-relationships we form? It's impossible to be "all things" to "all bloggers" and yet something in me says even though the relationships are distant and many, we should at least be sensitive to the bloggers whose blogs we frequent.

It's easy to get into a reciprocal mindset in blogdom - you bless me and I'll bless you. It's equally easy to forget there are real women behind those neat graphics and witty posts. Real women with real families and real burdens. It's okay to just pop in and say "hey" sometimes, even when the blog hasn't been updated in a week or several days, and there's no laugh or sage advice waiting there for you. And maybe take one or two of those bloggers to heart, if even just for a short while, and bear them up in prayer. And it's equally okay to let your hair down at times and let people know you're going through it, as some bloggers have done recently.

Well, nothing profound here tonight. Not much can come from an afternoon spent in the bathtub! Perhaps just an outloud challenge to myself to remember, once again, that it's not all about me.


DKRaymer said...

Just a quick note to let you know I really appreciate this post. I'm a new blogger, haven't even been at it a month yet. I found you through Callipider Days and will check back regularly - glad to meet you!
DK Raymer

Jennifer said...

I totally agree. It is late and I have nothing else witty or profound to say.

Katrina said...

So true. Bloggers are real people, and we need to remember that and be sensitive to it.