Thursday, September 28, 2006

Great Amounts of Work

"Great amounts of work can only be accomplished by great amounts of hard work."

I don't know where I heard the above statement, or perhaps it's just something I've always said to myself. But in recent days, this seems even more true. In a department of twelve customer service representatives, we're down to nine, and one is transitioning to another department shortly. Two girls don't really factor into the mix because they handle the international business. So there's six of us to handle the majority of the domestic order volume, and on any given day, up to three of us could be out of the office! Pretty unbelievable. Most of the others work four ten-hour days and enjoy a day off each week. I tried that for a while but I hated getting home at 7:30 most nights, so I went back to five eight-hour days. But I still end up staying late or going in early a few days a week in order to keep my head above water.

So why do I mention this? Mainly because I've been reminded lately that there's no way to accomplish much without much effort. My house doesn't clean itself; it only reflects the amount of effort I put into it. Corel Paint Shop Pro doesn't reach out and grab my photos and create graphic surprises for me; I get no more out of that software than what I put into it. I know some people who like the results I've had with Weight Watchers so they've joined up too. But they're not getting the same results. Yet. Joining WW is not the ticket; success lies in our willingness to apply the ideas and change our eating habits.

I tend to look for the quick fix sometimes; don't we all? The exercise video that's sure to help you tone up, the how-to book guaranteed to make you a master, the Bible study that promises a more balanced life or an enhanced relationship - none of these on their own will accomplish squat.

I've been taking a serious look at some of my goals - the ones I really believe God would have me attempt - and asking God to help me identify and apply the missing piece - action. So what accomplishment is waiting for you to achieve it? And what are you waiting for?

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