Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fluff post: In Search of the Perfect Yogurt

I've been relying on yogurt as a filling staple since I started on
WeightWatchers. Now that I've reached my goal (and holding), I don't
need the one-point-nothing-worthwhile-in-them-ultra-lite versions. So
I've actually been reading the labels in search of a healthier version
and I'm shocked. It's true - the fat-free versions are loaded with
sugar - high fructose everything under the sun. Ugh!

I think I've finally settled on StonyFieldFarm's naturally fat free
variety. (A little bit of fat doesn't bother me, but that's all they
have). It does have sugar - but the real thing; I can live with that.
It's a bit more pricey but I only eat it 2-3 times a week so I can
live with that too. For some reason, the only yogurt flavors I like
are the berry ones. I tried their raspberry one today and yum -
actually less sweet and syrupy.


Susanne said...

It's amazing how much sugar is in those yogurts. My friend always bought the plain versions and then just added her own stuff into it. Drained canned fruit packed in it's own juice is so much tastier than all that Nutrasweet they load into yogurt! She also added nuts, dried fruit, honey (if she wanted to sweeten it more). It wasy yummy!

Barb said...

Look look! I got your blog to work! Hooray! Did you do something?

I love the quote in your previous post. Very true.

And I sometimes think it's a big mistake to read ingredients on our food. I made the mistake of reading the ingredients on my Oscar Meyer balogna, my favorite food by the way, and when I saw "beef lips" I almost died. Aren't there enough parts of a cow to make balogna without using their lips? Isn't that gross?

I can't believe I finally got your blog page to move for me.

Master of None said...

Di, do you remember when Bob Evans used to have plain yogurt with honey? We'd get that with fresh fruit...and it was the best! I like Susanne's idea too...it sounds even better.

Jennifer said...

I buy the Stoneyfield, or even Dannon or store brand in the big containers--I buy the plain, either fat free (which is a bit tangy) or low fat, which is good, especially if you don't like the syrupy sweetness. I put frozen berries in it--either raspberries or the small wild bluberries, and just a tiny bit of Equal, and love it. . . .