Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anyway You Like It!

Window smashed. This was just a nuisance and a wasted day off work.

Broken into. And they got away with a bunch of home-burned CDs of messages and my day planner.

Backed into. Yes, a nice young girl backed into me last week as I was pumping gas. Somehow I had the presence of mind to not even let it phase me and was rewarded with a grateful hug by a young driver who is likely paying through the nose for insurance. The tiny scratch she left is just a reminder to me that it pays to be nice.

Rear-ended. That was this morning on my way to work. If you've never been rear-ended before (as I had never been), I can testify that it is a jarring experience! Thankfully I am fine (a little jolted). Hopefully my car is still drivable and will see me to Philadelphia and back this weekend.

That's been the story of my car in the last 6 weeks! If you were my car, would you think your days are numbered? (No, I would never buy a brand new car but it's fun to dream!) If you were me, would you want to drive my car anymore?

And that's my exciting news for the week!