Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Much for Buttercup!

I like music, I really do. I always have. But I must confess, I don't know groups or albums very well. And I really don't know the words to songs, beyond the first line or so. This drives my husband crazy, especially since he knows just about every group from the 70's and 80's. I am especially ignorant of the 80's culture, since I spent most of that decade in a Bible college setting where we really weren't allowed to listen to secular music.

So Mike's taken it upon himself to bring me up to speed in this area of music. He and I will be riding along and a song will come on the radio. He'll crank it up and ask, "Who sings this?" Or better yet, he'll quiz me as the first few bars begin to play: "What's the name of this song?" Yeah, right! But I've learned to play along. It's kind of like multiple choice for me. I now know the names of groups and artists, so I'll toss out what I think sounds like an educated guess. Linda Rondstadt? Bread? Meatloaf? REO Speedwagon (Mike's favorite group and I'll admit, I like them too!" John Mellencamp? I'm usually wrong but hey, I like to think I provide some entertainment for Mike! Someday I hope to make him proud . . . !

Anyways, the other night we were leaving a restaurant and a song began to play. I knew the song. I always liked this song. I even knew the first few lines! So I was quite surprised when Mike said, "Waterloo!" Huh? That's not how it goes! You're kidding me? Waterloo by ABBA? Seriously, I've always thought they were singing "Buttercup! Fill me up, baby - blah blah blah about Buttercup!" Oops! My whole world of music just came crashing down . . . oh well! That's why I stick to books and authors!