Friday, July 20, 2007

Let the Vacation Begin!

At exactly 5:30 pm today I walked out of work, leaving my laptop behind and knowing that I wouldn't have to face it or the problems it threatens, for more than a week! We're off to the lake Sunday afternoon, spending a week with the in-laws. Thankfully we have a rented house that should be big enough to keep us out of each other's hair . . . two almost eighty-year-olds, a sister and her two kids, a brother, and my husband.

But I'm already doing vacation things here. I baked all evening - giant peanut butter cookies and chocolate biscotti. Am planning to get a few must-dos in tomorrow in between walking and who knows what else. I've already been packed for a few days now - easier to just put stuff in the suitcases here and there, and other than a few errands tomorrow, I think we're ready to go.

The best part about vacation? Well, for one thing, they're all mostly late sleepers. My FIL might get up around 10 or so and he'll putz around the kitchen making himself egg-beaters with green pepper onion, and perhaps a few strips of bacon on the side. My BIL gets up at a decent time, handy to run for a cup of coffee with or even an early morning bike ride. Other than that, I'll have the place to myself, and peaceful mornings to read and relax (yeah, I'll probably write a bit too!)

The other great thing: a huge kitchen! I know my husband views it as work but I really love to cook for the family when we're on vacation. The only thing - I don't load the dishwasher. I've done it before, with both his family and mine. Someone promptly proceeds to reload it the correct way. Hey, I don't have a dishwasher - what do I know. I'm content to cook and let them be the flunkies - LOL!

I can't wait to check out the biking trails at the nearby state park. This is the first time we've gone to a lake, rather than the beach. I can't say I'm going to miss the ten hour drive . . . we'll leave around 2:00 pm and be in our place no later than 4:00 pm. That works for me!

I don't plan to blog but am not going to beat myself up if a post slips out here or there. I'm really hoping to disconnect from technology for a few days though. But you know I'll be "cooking" up some new posts, so check back after July 29th . . .