Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Friend Indeed

If you read my friend Katrina's blog today, you were surely blessed by her post "Flood Friends." As I read, I thought how thankful I am for the friends God has put in my life. One in particular comes to mind.

I met V at church when she invited me to work with her and her husband in the midweek children's program. Occasionally we'd go out afterwards and talk. She was in my wedding, and I'll never forget the beautiful shower she helped coordinate for me, with so many special touches.

Through different seasons of our lives, we've prayed together about many things. I remember one especially trying time when we'd walk and pray about decisions both of us, along with our husbands, had to make. How wonderful it is to look back and see how God has indeed answered those prayers, far beyond our expectations.

I've been blessed watching her grow in her walk with God and often she challenges me in my daily walk. Not too many days pass without us instant messaging each other, just to check in and see how things are going. I know I can vent a little to her when I'm having a rough day and I'm pretty sure she feels the same. Recently she became a mom for the first time, after more than a decade of marriage without kids, and I'm so proud of the wonderful job she's doing in this very new role, as she allows God to continually mold her.

The scary thing is, I almost threw this beautiful gift away during a particular rough time in my life. Instead of letting hurt drive me to my friends, I backed away. I'm just thankful that she wasn't willing to let that happen. I think our friendship is stronger today and I know I cherish it more than ever.

Love ya, V!