Friday, July 13, 2007

Crying Over Lost Meat!

Welcome to my Friday night pity party!

After what was an exceptionally long and draining work week, I stopped at the grocery store and picked out a nice fat Delmonico steak for myself - a once a year treat. My non-meat-loving husband is off camping with some buddies (THAT's a whole 'nuther story!) and so the perfect opportunity to indulge in some red meat. I also purchased a ton of stuff to make some meatloaves and lasagna to put in my sister's freezer, as she is expecting the arrival of baby #5 soon and I wanted to give her a hand with some cooking-ahead.

Anyways . . . have you guessed it by now? I got home, unloaded the groceries and man!

Where's the beef?

RATS!!! Let's just say the cow didn't come home with me tonight. I am so bummed and yet somehow all I can do is laugh. It is the perfect end to this week. I'm just glad it's the weekend.

Does anyone know of any place that delivers something besides pizza or pasta? Sorry, there is absolutely no point to this post. I guess when all else fails, just blog about it! Eggs, anyone?

update: I'm better now. I really am. I'm comforting myself with a bowl of reheated grilled vegetables, and - don't laugh. New socks! I was saving them for vacation but there's nothing like brand new cushy socks to lift one's spirits. Unless it's the start of a new season of my favorite TV show, Monk! It's all good, people!

update #2: I found the meat in amongst the pizza boxes. That's what I get for not putting groceries away promptly! eggonmyface!