Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Library Treasures!

A while back I mentioned some benefits of my local library. I'm pretty pleased with my efforts to become a library reader; it sure is cutting down on all the money I used to spend on books. Pretty much, I borrow fiction and buy non-fiction. Most of the fiction that I do buy I end up giving away, which I'm happy to do!

Anyways, I just discovered some new perks at my local library:

  • I can download audiobooks for free. I don't even have to go to the library to do this! So I think that justifies this little MP3 player which will be a mere $29.99 after $40 rebate. Looks like I'll need to pick up earbuds for it, but for $30, it looks like a pretty good deal.
  • The Shopping Cart - the library's website allows me to keep a list of "to-be-read" books in a "shopping cart." When I'm ready to check them out, all I need to do is check the box and hit "Request."
  • Access to a gazillion databases and useful reference sites
  • Free wireless internet access
Just a few more reasons to love my local library. I know some of you mentioned that your local library is rather small and doesn't offer much but I encourage you to check and see if they offer some of these online options, and if they don't - why not suggest it?


Susanne said...

I love the magazines rack. Don't have to spend money on those now especially if you just want to read an article or two.

Jennifer said...

I agree! I love the library. Another perk for me is that I often bring home free books to keep--from the bench where they put donated books that they aren't going to keep for the next sale.

Do they use for the downloads? Please post about your audiobooks, or at least email me, because you know I like them a lot now. You can get hooked on all my podcasts, too. There's one on grammar called Grammar Girl!

Our library has, too, but it's not ipod compatible (just other mp3's), so I need to figure it out.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Now I'm even more jealous than I was before! I very much patronize my local library (my love of reading requires me to borrow, not buy, all of the books I read), and I so wish mine had any of these. I will do some more checking and asking, but hey, I can't even request or renew books online. I can simply to search for a book in the system, and just have to hope it's at the branch they say it is! Free audiobooks, oh my, in my dreams! A cart to keep track of things, I don't see it but I can dream about it :) I seriously doubt they have wi-fi, heck they just got computers, LOL!

Great post! Anything and everything about books, libraries and bookstores is a wonderful post, you know :)

petunia said...

HOW?????? I LOVE audio books - i spend a lot of time in the car and go to the library alot! I listen to any fiction people throw my way. Please tell me how to download them