Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Madness

I always see this on another blog but it's usually Tuesday before I remember to do it.

1. Pet Peeves: my own forgetfulness; towels, sheets, bedspreads, not perfectly straightened; people passing the buck or blaming other people for stuff at work,

2. Favorite Sounds: locusts and crickets on a summer night, my husband calling me one of his nicknames for me

3. Desk Items: Uniball pens (red, pink, green or blue) and Bic disposable mechanical pencils, my CD player at work broke and I really need to replace it soon

4. Biggest Fears: something happening to my dad

5. Biggest Challenges: consistency in my devotions and prayer life, exercising

6. Newest 'Toys': hmmm, nothing really at the moment

7. Most Used Words: no way, hey

8. Most Mispelled Words: judgment

9. Favorite Disney Characters: Tigger & Pooh (before they were Disney)

10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: online banking, dream vacation spots, writing sites, several blogs

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