Monday, September 06, 2004

Educational Politics

I always wonder why politicians, especially those campaigning for the highest position in the country, don't use the campaign trail as an opportunity to educate their constituents. For example, it grates me when I hear someone promise to "create new jobs." My goodness, I can remember my eleventh grade economics teacher pounding it into our heads that it's impossible to create jobs. Jobs mean business and business requires capital and that has to come from somewhere. It seems like so many Americans, liberal and conservative alike, are content to just sit and be spoonfed all their political beliefs after they've been regurgitated by the media.

It's hard to think right now because the noise of family opinions is rising above the constant drone of Fox News and C-Span (depending on who controls the remote), but I can't complain - it's a break from the Weather Channel and Hurricane Francis and Ivan riding on his coattails!

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