Saturday, September 18, 2004

He's Talking About Us!!!

We went to Seinfeld with a few other couples last night. It was a pretty good show, although I didn't care for the guy who opened. One of the things he harped on was the way people are addicted to the news, cell phones, and Internet - often doing all three at the same time. As soon as we got out of there, half of us flipped on our cell phones! Just a few minutes before I was laughing at those ridiculous people who carry their phones into restroom stalls, and yet here I was, not out of the hall 10 minutes, flipping my phone on.

I guess it's good that we can laugh at ourselves. We needed to do that last night. We got home to find our gameroom flooded. Yep, that beautiful three year gameroom project - the one we only got to use for three nights so far. Of course we don't have flood insurance - not many people do where I live. They called this kind of rain a "Hundred Year event." So we spent the day tearing up the carpet, ripping the pad out and borrowing fans in hopes of drying the carpet before it molds. Yuck.

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Donna said...

:::sighing in disappointment and shaking my head::

I'm so sorry about that! UGH. I can't imagine how you musta felt after all the time you waited to be done with it.

Was the flood from Ivan?