Thursday, September 09, 2004

Andrus the Painter

I met the most amazing little man in the little town of Manteo on Roanoke Island the other day. I stopped in his art gallery and was admiring his work when I saw him in the back and we started talking. He does some of the most beautiful watercolor I've ever seen - very controlled and precise. Most of his paintings are of beaches and nautical scenes. Of course it stirred up in me a desire to paint again.

Anyways, while we were talking he said something that stuck with me. He said everyone has a reality and a fantasy, and that most people live in their fantasy world. I think that describes me perfectly. I'm a wannabe . . . a dabbler. I can picture myself writing and painting but I probably never will. One day Andrus decided to make a go at painting for a living. He worked at his craft until he got where he wanted to be. That's the difference between me and Andrus. I can picture where I'd like to be. Home most days. Writing several hours a day. Painting and drawing again. But I'm too lazy, too undisciplined to bridge the gap between the here and there. Too many excuses. At least now though, I know why I'll never get "there." Maybe someday I'll finally settle down and put some action to my dreams. I know, I am writing - here a bit, there a bit. But not seriously. I'm just not consciously doing what it takes right now.

Our week at the beach has come to any end and I am glad for once to see it end. I'm anxious to get home, back to routine. I'm looking forward to enjoying our gameroom - the furniture came the morning we left for vacation so our housesitter has gotten more use of it than us at this point! I love fall too. I look forward to walks in the park, falling leaves and warm soups with homemade bread.

Mike's classes resumed last week. He only has class one night a week this fall, so I'll need to plan well to use that evening wisely. He'll be taking over the desktop and I'll be banished to the laptop - not really a bad thing as long as I remember to back everything up! I am looking forward to getting back to writing, even if it's just my assignments for the writing course.

Well, one more early morning to myself remains. I think I'll sneak out to the coffee shop in Duck again tomorrow!

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