Thursday, September 23, 2004

Find Me Another Angle on That!

I hate - well, strongly dislike - the news media. My husband gets ticked when I watch it with him as I always have some smart comment to offer. For instance, I'm sure when many reporters wake up the day after a tragedy strikes, they draw their hand across their brow and sign in relief, "Thank goodness, I have a job for another day!" I'm serious - I really think these people live for problems to report. Well, they do! Is that jubilation I hear in their voices as they recount the number of homes lost, people killed or what have you - or is it just my imagination?

This morning I had the TV on for my father-in-law as he was coming to sit at our house while the carpet installers were working. TV in the morning is a big no-no with me! But I happened to catch a snippet of a morning show where someone is exploring the side effects of depression brought on by open heart surgery. The story was inspired by Bill Clinton's recent heart surgery. I just shook my head in disbelief! And will we be privy to any effect on Bill & Hillary's love life as well?

But later it occurred to me . . . if only I would dig into the Bible like news reporters dig for news. I'm not talking about stretching a parable into an unbiblical allegory, or taking the Scripture out of context. I don't mean replacing what the Bible says with my own assumptions. But what if I started exploring more as I read? Asking more questions and expecting more answers? Even today as I thought about my reading in Acts, I put myself in the shoes of the friends and neighbors of Tabitha, raised from the dead by Peter. I know that story so well I just tend to skip over it. What was it like to there? Why were they mourning so? And what wonderful rejoicing there must have been when she was restored to life. What difference did that make in her life? The story takes on new meaning when I take some time to think about it.

I'm still not a fan of the news media for the most part, but I could stand to copy some of their investigative techniques. The people in the Bible were every bit as mortal as we are and the Scriptures are as applicable to my life to day as they were back then.


Donna said...

Is that jubilation I hear in their voices as they recount the number of homes lost, people killed or what have you - or is it just my imagination?Dianne~ I think for the most part, reporters are just excited to do their job, and I think they enjoy the adrenaline rush of being in the middle of intense situations. I know several fighter pilots who have told me that although they don't like going to war, they get a rush out of doing the job they were trained for. Same thing with firefighters getting to the scene of a burning building, or a cop in pursuit of a crook.

During the last election when the media was camped out in Crawford, Texas, I heard a reporter say that it was an eye-opener for him being out of D.C. and in the country. He realized that most Americans have a life outside of the news. They're taking kids to school and soccer practice, going to church and PTSA meetings, and working. He said (I wish I could remember what the reporter's name was) that as he travelled the globe reporting news, his world had become very small. I thought that was a very keen insight on his part.

Hey, this isn't my blog!....(sorry to ramble)

Dianne said...

Now see, I guess I never listen to enough news to hear that side of the story. Once again, maybe I am too quick to judge. Thanks for helping me to consider the other side.

I do have respect for those who bring us the real factual stuff we need to know, and what they do to get it. It's the fluff I hate . . . and the running stories to the ground. And I just prefer to watch something totally out there, like Stargate SG-1!

Donna said...

Dianne, I hate the fluff as well. I also get so tired of how the media tell a story to death. I'm always saying "okay, move on people!". Sometimes I just turn off the t.v. news and read the paper or news online instead. That way I can read the headlines and just decide if I want to read the whole article.
I wish I was like you and preferred not to partake!