Friday, June 15, 2007

The Year Without a Shower

Yes, it's been almost a year without a shower for me. Because of this little mess in our bathroom last summer, we've been restricting ourselves to baths, until we find the time and money to fix things properly.

But today. Ah . . . . I'm off work and have been graciously offered the gift of a shower by a dear friend! It will be just perfect after I work up a sweat on my walk at the park. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this little treat!

Two things come to mind this morning as I anticipate the water beating down on me. One, the beauty of a simple gift. Why do I always think my gifts have to be pricey and involved? How often do I miss the opportunity to give - a word of encouragement, a few minutes of my time, something I'm not using that someone else could. And two, how much I take something as simple as a shower or bath for granted. I'm sure there are children in parts of the world who are lucky to take a bath in a muddy river a few times a year.

Oh well, just rambling this morning . . . !